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Welcome to oabigbooknyc.org the website for the There Is A Solution Overeater’s Anonymous Meeting on Friday Nights at 6pm (EST), based in New York City. While our physical room at St. Mary the Virgin is not meeting we encourage you to come join our Zoom meeting every Friday at 6pm or you can download some of our speakers You can also check out our newest Podcast. We are a literature based meeting that focuses on the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous as a solution to our overeating. We also give away little Big Books at our physical meetings.

Our format consists of readings from the Big Book pertaining to a particular step followed by 2 Big Book Qualified Speakers who will share with us specifically how they have taken and/or work said step as described in this section of the Big Book

This group recognizes as “Big Book Qualified,” i.e., qualified to speak, chair, or sponsor here, those members who are self-identified as (i) abstinent from compulsive eating for at least 90 days, and (ii) having experienced recovery from the disease of compulsive eating as the result of taking the twelve steps, as described in the Big Book, at least halfway through step nine.

If you meet these qualifications, and would like to do service here, please feel free to write us at contact@oabigbooknyc.org

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