Special Topics & Other Recordings

This is the page where we have Special Topics and other subjects that may interest recovery geeks like myself. Enjoy.

Special Topic Meetings:

Claire M. Special OA Topic 2-15-19

10/5/18 Gary

8/31/18 Victoria M.

Freedom Vs. Relief – Jack  12/29/17 

Sean B. Special Topic 12/15/17

The Grace of the Promises – Rhonda 12/22/17

Letting Go – Erin B. 11/17/17

Special Topic 7/1/16 Sean

Gratitude 4-22-16 Dan V

Raina 3-25-16 the Good News: There Is A Solution!

The Unbroken Chain 2-12-16 Ben

Marcia L. Special Topic Meeting 1/15/16

Jack C. Trouble With Addictions 11-27-15 

Scotty K: Freedom From Bondage 10-9-15

My Chance To Live (bb p 309) Rhonda 9-4-15

Special Topic 4-10-15 – Susan W.

Memorial Day 2015 – Molly

New Years 2015: Charles

Freedom From Bondage: Rhonda I.

Faith & Belief – Rebecca  I. 11-28-14

Special Topic 10-10-14 Reva

Labor Day 2014 – Sheela

Independence Day 2014 – Scotty K.

The Perpetual Quest – Marcia L.

Special Topic – Heidy

He Sold Himself Short (Reading by Iva)

He Sold Himself Short (Commentary by Scotty K)

Different Meetings:

Back2Basics in Belleville NJ: 8th & 9th Steps with Kevin K. & Phil D. (10/16/16)

6/26/16  We All Die: How Do You Want To Go? Phil D. (100 Pounder Phone Meet)

2015 R6 Special Edition: A Vision for You

8/2/15 Phil D – OA Health Issues Phone Meeting

Jan Hus Thanksgiving 2013 Phil D.

Jan Hus Thanksgiving 2014 (A) Phil D.

Jan Hus Thanksgiving 2014 (B) Scotty K.

Christmas Eve 2014 Jan Hus (AB Focus/ Weds 6:30pm) Phil D.

Bekah W. Qualification 11-24-14

Bekah W. 100# 12-16-14


ABA Focus

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